CVB looking for some ‘hometown heroes’ to help bring conventions to OKC

Thursday, September 16, 2021


If you are a local business leader who will be attending a regional or national convention or conference sometime soon, officials with Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau would love to speak with you.

Mike Burns, who serves as the CVB’s vice president for sales and services, is looking for what he refers to as “hometown heroes” to help the CVB recruit conferences to Oklahoma City now that the city’s new convention center has been built.

Burns said every time one of Oklahoma City’s hometown heroes travels to another city for a business conference, he would ask them to think about who they can find that would want to talk with them about their industry’s particular event and the chance to host it in Oklahoma City.

“If you are sitting in a board meeting or committee meeting and you know the organizers, just raise your hand and say, ‘Hey, I know our community would love to look at your meeting or your convention. What do we need to do to at least have a conversation?’ Just open the door an inch, and we can take it from there,” Burns said.

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