Forward OKC VI

In the beginning, Forward Oklahoma City was created to lift our city out of a long-term deep economic recession and set the course for a rebirth. With 25 years of investment by the business community, and relentless execution in targeted programs Oklahoma City has enjoyed a dramatic reinvention – and the city we know today is forever changed.

Now the stage is set for a different kind of race, one where Oklahoma City is competing with an ever more impressive tier of American cities. For our community to continue this climb, we must have strategy, discipline and unwavering commitment.

This next five years of Forward Oklahoma City is critical to growing our ability to build in a new economy and continue to diversify. Investing in our people and this place are the keys to success on this journey. Forward Oklahoma City keeps us on a path to the future city we want to be.

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View a list of Forward VI Lead Investors and learn how we measure our success.

Forward Oklahoma City is the engine for implementing strategies that grow Oklahoma City’s economy, improve its business climate, and create an irresistible quality of life. The work executed through this effort in its first 25 years have made a lasting and undeniable impact and have made this city a place that is competing with America’s fastest growing and most-lauded cities. And Forward Oklahoma City remains a vital program for continuing our region’s momentum and addressing our future challenges.

Learn how you can be a catalyst for Oklahoma City’s future by contacting Jeff Seymour, executive vice president of economic development, at 405-297-8991.