Growth and diversification

By maximizing our existing advantages, encouraging growth of emerging economic clusters and fueling the success of startup companies, Forward Oklahoma City VI will deepen our economic opportunities and give us the ability to weather future economic storms.

Recruit and expand targeted industries

  • Use Oklahoma City’s lower costs and talent advantages to recruit back-office, shared service and regional/small national headquarter projects.
  • Grow emerging industry clusters in transportation technology and weather/radar, maximizing synergy with the aerospace cluster.

Expand our aerospace focus

  • Expand life cycle of aircraft/aerospace operations in Oklahoma beyond maintenance, repair and overhaul and extend the category to include nondefense work.
  • Grow our industry to include manufacturing of components of aircraft, manufacturing of aircraft, software work, research and development.

Lead generation and marketing

  • Execute aggressive marketing strategies to increase awareness and generate leads among target audiences for business development and talent attraction.

For more information, or to get involved in Forward Oklahoma City, please contact Jeff Seymour at 405-297-8991.