Inclusion at Work

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber and Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City announced the next program in their strategic partnership, Inclusion at Work, a collaboration of diversity leaders in Oklahoma City’s companies. Inclusion at Work will bring together the leaders and managers of diversity programs in companies across the region to identify areas of collaboration and partnership.

“As we continue to survey and meet with companies on how to best meet their needs, we learned that many are looking for guidance around the continued growth and development of their diversity and inclusion programs,” explained Rhonda Hooper, Jordan Advertising, vice chair of business and economic inclusion. “There is a strong desire to work with other businesses to understand their best practices and use that experience to accelerate their own programs. We have companies that are at all stages of development from just starting out to having established and sophisticated initiatives, and they all express interest in working together.”

A recent survey of companies found a variety of concerns. A number of companies are new to the process and need guidance. Others have employees skeptical of change and are looking for ways to build trust. Another group is made up of smaller companies looking to create a program with appropriate scale for their size.

“The one common thread that came through the comments in the survey was the desire to work together to create community around these issues,” said Hooper. “I was encouraged because I know when Oklahoma City comes together with a goal, we make things happen. I look forward to what we can accomplish.”

The Chamber and the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City created a partnership in 2020 aimed at creating a stronger dialogue and engagement of the Oklahoma City business community around issues of social justice and anti-racism. This program is an outgrowth of that effort. Topics that will be covered include building out measurement and accountability tools, resources to improve climate, recruiting and retaining diverse talent, training and leadership development, and employee resource groups.


For more information or to get involved, contact Cynthia Reid, senior vice president of marketing and communications, at or 405-297-8942.