Internship Resources

More than 17 higher education institutions in Greater Oklahoma City educate 125,000 students annually. These talented graduates fuel our economy by becoming our future workforce. Learn how the Chamber’s resources for internships are designed to encourage graduates to choose Oklahoma City as their place to live, work and play.

College students who complete an internship are more likely to stay in our community after graduation. While internships benefit students by providing them with real life work experience, they can also directly impact a company’s productivity and bottom line. Internships are an effective and efficient way to attract energized workers and infuse new ideas and skills into your business, while also creating a pipeline of talent for a future workforce.

The InternOKC summer internship program is a way for students to discover the benefits of living and working in Greater Oklahoma City, while fostering peer networking and providing resources to help them transition from college student to young professional. Over the course of six sessions, students will enjoy programming from leading industry trainers and discover why OKC is a great place to live, work and play. The program also gives students a chance to meet and network (virtually!) with other interns from a variety of industries and majors. After the completion of the program, students will get a micro-badge credential to showcase on their resume.

Employers and students, click here to learn more: InternOKC
This extensive web resource is a vital tool for anyone looking to build their career in Oklahoma City. By visiting, students can learn about Oklahoma City’s cost of living, major industries and local amenities, as well as available internships and jobs in the area, InternOKC and more.

Employers also have the opportunity to post internships, enroll interns in InternOKC and download a handbook designed to help develop internships.


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