Local Government

Oklahoma City has Council Manager form of government with a Planning Department and a comprehensive zoning ordinance.

The Mayor and eight city council members are elected to four-year terms. In order to keep continuity within city government, half of the council is elected every two years. The city is divided into eight geographical areas called wards. The voters of each ward elect a council member to represent them and the mayor is elected at large. The mayor and the council appoint a city manager to serve as the city's chief administrative official.

Current Mayor Mick Cornett, first elected in 2004, has focused on two key priorities since beginning his time in office – education and jobs. Cornett’s leadership in the implementation of MAPS for Kids has led the way in renovating the school infrastructure in the inner city. Additionally, Cornett has been instrumental in the City’s continuation of an economic renaissance with employment expansion, acquisition of an NBA franchise and infrastructure development.

For more information, visit www.okc.gov or contact a member of our Government Relations staff.